Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is all the rage these day.  It’s a large field and a growing industry.  I’ve had the pleasure of working on a wide variety of VR projects over the years, and… Continue reading

The Battle for Cedar Point

The Battle for Cedar Point is the world’s first augmented reality experience that turns an entire theme park into a day-long multiplayer game. Each day, guests at Cedar Point join five powerful Coaster Clans… Continue reading

Family Entertainment Centers

I’ve had the pleasure of designing and deploying some incredible products to family entertainment centers (FECs) worldwide.  These include: Interactive theaters with motion seats and 180-degree wrap-around screens Cooperative multiplayer motion base driving… Continue reading


RideView is an attraction design service that supports the simulation and testing of rides, theme park master plans and site layouts. It is used to create fully immersive virtual reality environments that allow users to engage… Continue reading

Crimson Wing

Crimson Wing is the world’s first realtime interactive game solution in a 3D dome, combining immersive visuals and a highly compelling storyline with perfectly synched motion and interaction for a next-generation dark ride-style… Continue reading

Critter Combat for iPad

Critter Combat is a multiplayer party game featuring cuddly critters in a crazy capture-the-flag competition Phew, try saying that three times fast! For 2 or more players. It’s a party game, after all! Battle… Continue reading

Portfolio Reel (2014)

This online website serves as a useful online portfolio for many of my interesting projects, but sometimes it’s nice to just hit a big play button and sit back while information dances in… Continue reading

Mission Ops

Mission Ops is a companion product that accompanies Dream Flight Adventures full immersion simulators and transforms traditional learning environments into interactive STEAM Labs.  Students become Agents in an Infinity Knight’s Command Center where they apply their knowledge to… Continue reading


What would you do if all the children in your city became ill with a mysterious disease?  Contaminant is an interactive adventure where players race against time to saving a dying civilization. What… Continue reading


Step aside Carmen Sandiego—now there’s a new way to have fun while learning about the world around us.  Countdown is an epic mission that pits crews’ collective wits and knowledge against an invading fleet of… Continue reading


Nymbus is an exciting entertainment technology company that I consulted with and advised for about one year while they were in Idea Foundry’s investment programs, which consisted of a $60,000 cash investment and included… Continue reading


I had the pleasure of consulting with Zulama—a forward-thinking ed tech company that provides out-of-the-box courses in video game design to high schools—for about a year during its tenure in Idea Foundry’s investment programs,… Continue reading

Name It

Name It! is an iPad game for high school aged youth that I created for a client whose long-time dream was to create a game show based on abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols.  It… Continue reading

Tower of Babel

Several times each year my family helps clean our local church building with crews of other volunteers from our congregation.  But, there are a few problems: It’s work.  Yuck. Often people don’t show… Continue reading

Shadows Over Camelot – Enhanced

Shadows Over Camelot (SOC) is a cooperative board game that is famous for its traitor mechanic:  the knights of the round table boldly pursue dangerous quests for king and country, but there’s a… Continue reading

PA Cyber Adventureland

In the fall of 2013 my oldest son entered first grade in PA Cyber, an online cyber charter school.  His curriculum consists of extensive online videos and worksheets, which aren’t the most engaging… Continue reading


What if you could dive into an active volcano that is about to erupt to save the people who live near its mouth?  Would you take the risk?  Could you stand the heat?… Continue reading


I worked with an exciting technology startup company—FlashBox Media—during their time in Idea Foundry’s Entertainment Technology Accelerator Program.  FlashBox offers a unique videography service that includes a custom kiosk (pictured above) that really… Continue reading

Questyinz 2.0

Questyinz is a revolutionary online summer reading game made for the Allegheny County Library Association. Questyinz is the first library reading game of its kind.  It engages young readers in grades K-5 by not only challenging them… Continue reading


I oversaw Meaningfy—a machine-learning technology startup company—during its time in Idea Foundry’s Idea Transformation Fellowship Program, which consisted of a $25,000 cash investment and three months of hands-on business development services to help the… Continue reading

Dream Flight Adventures

Dream Flight Adventures is an immersive, interactive learning experience… …that teaches teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving… …by blending science, technology, and engineering… …with social studies, humanities, and art. In other words, it’s a real-life Magic School Bus.  It’s part simulator, part game, and part theater—and… Continue reading

IKS Titan

The IKS Titan is the inaugural Dream Flight Adventures full immersion simulation, located at the Shaler Area Elementary School in Glenshaw, PA.  It was publicly unveiled on March 20, 2013, and began a series… Continue reading

My StoryMaker

My StoryMaker is an internationally acclaimed web-based tool that lets children create and share rich stories.  It was originally created by Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center in 2007 for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh as a kiosk… Continue reading


What if you could shrink to a microscopic size and explore the human body?  Where would you go and what would you do?  Would you swim through the heart alongside a million tiny… Continue reading

Teen Tech Zone

The Teen Tech Zone is a high-tech digital media lab at the Homestead Library that brings together middle- and high-school aged youth from across Pittsburgh (especially those in underserved neighborhoods), connects them with local entrepreneurs and creative professionals,… Continue reading


What if you could travel back in time to a turning point in history?  What would you do if you found yourself at a historic crossroads… say, at the beginning of World War… Continue reading


Here’s a question for you:  How can one teach about renewable energy sourcesand the American Revolution at the same time?  How can one illustrate the rights and responsibilities of citizens while simultaneously teaching about chemical catalysts?  What about bacteria and trade dependency? The… Continue reading


Riddle me this:  How can one teach about comparative politics and radioactive decay at the same time?  How can one illustrate the checks and balances in government while simultaneously teaching about space exploration?  What about marine biology and nuclear isotopes? The answer, my… Continue reading

Panther Learning Systems

Panther Learning is an innovative education technology company that uses technology licensed from the University of Pittsburgh to enable collaborative scalable assessment and grading in open-ended assignments.  In other words, it offers a… Continue reading

AIP Program Advisory Council

I had the pleasure of serving on the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Game Art/Media Arts Program Advisory Council.

Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center

The Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center allows foreign nationals to invest in US-based businesses and receive expedited visas and green cards. What I Did I designed, developed, and managed the center’s international website, consisting of… Continue reading

The Lemonade Stand

The Lemonade Stand began as a TV show to teach kids the importance of hard work and saving money, but it was so well received it blossomed into an exhibit at a children’s museum… Continue reading

Spark Award Committee

As a result of my contributions to the Pittsburgh region-wide “Kids + Creativity” movement, I had the pleasure of serving on the Sprout Fund‘s Spark Award Committee, where I reviewed 30-50 project grant… Continue reading


Questyinz is a revolutionary online summer reading game made for the Allegheny County Library Association. Questyinz is the first library reading game of its kind.  It engages young readers in grades K-5 by not only challenging… Continue reading

Guerrilla Mobile

During Guerrilla Mobile’s time in Idea Foundry’s Idea Transformation Fellowship I provided strategic advice and hands-on help in the areas of marketing, business planning, team formation, and product development.  Guerrilla Mobile is a… Continue reading

Ludo Mechanica

Ludo Mechanica is a playification startup that helps people break bad habits and form good ones by making the experience fun. What I Did During its time in Idea Foundry’s Entertainment Technology Accelerator… Continue reading


I have the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors for the eiNetwork, a non-profit that provides the IT backbone for all the libraries in Allegheny County.  This includes providing catalog service,… Continue reading

My RightNote

My RightNote is an educational service company that helps college students study smarter.  It was one of the first companies launched through the Ed Tech Business Accelerator Program at Idea Foundry, which I… Continue reading

Ward Christmas Party

My wife and I planned and hosted a Christmas dinner and program for our LDS Church group of 180 men, women, and children.  It was so much fun even Santa stepped away from… Continue reading


One lazy weekend several years ago my wife and I decided it was high time to create a legit honest-to-goodness iPhone game.  Not wanting to keep all the fun to ourselves, turned our… Continue reading

Ward Halloween Party

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it brings out kid in adults.  My wife and I planned an elaborate Halloween party for our church group. What I Did My favorite part… Continue reading


GenevaMars came to Idea Foundry looking for help taking their business to the next level.  They have a high-quality, engaging, and educational app that teaches young kids basic science principles.  I helped the… Continue reading

Scarab Website

My online gaming guild—Scarab—was in dire need of a new website.  Our site was old, clunky, and created by a webmaster who was no longer around.  I took the initiative, taught myself Joomla,… Continue reading

Entertainment Technology Academy

When the Elizabeth Forward School District wanted to revolutionize its high school by turning a mundane classroom into a vibrant hub of interactive learning, their superintendent reached out to me.  I certainly can’t… Continue reading

It Came From Yesterday

At Idea Foundry I developed a product line called Halos—coordinated orchestrations of entertainment technologies, products, and services—specifically designed to bring Pittsburgh’s entertainment technologies to the major motion picture and television industry.  My first… Continue reading

Rebuilding Together

Those old Pittsburgh houses won’t fix themselves.  I organized a large-scale group service project for my LDS church group in conjunction with Rebuilding Together: Pittsburgh to repair a broken down old home for… Continue reading

Veterans Elite

Service in the armed forces has been a big part of every side of my family.  My father-in-law does his best to return the favor by helping veterans in south Florida make use… Continue reading

Bat Signal

When Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan were in Pittsburgh filming Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises, I (at Idea Foundry) partnered with the Pittsburgh Film Office, Highmark, and the world-leader in laser light… Continue reading

Ghostly Manor

Ghostly Manor is an SMS texting-based game I created for my church group as part of a trip to the LDS Temple in Columbus, Ohio.  The trip required a three-hour drive, so to… Continue reading

Ward Easter Party

Keeping 60 kids ranging in age from 1 to 12 years old is quite the challenge—and doubly so when they are hopped up on Easter candy.  But have no fear, a custom game… Continue reading

Evil Genius

What if waiting was worth waiting for?  Evil Genius Designs came to Idea Foundry looking for help taking their business to the next level.  They already had an incredible technology suite that transforms… Continue reading


When was starting out, I had the pleasure of giving them a hand.  I researched their market, profiled their target customers, and developed a business development strategy.  I helped the company navigate… Continue reading

Black Locus

During Black Locus‘s time in Idea Foundry‘s fellowship program, I helped develop the company’s internal and external branding, including its marketing collateral and website.  I also developed and began implementation of the company’s… Continue reading

Redd Scientific

I have the pleasure of serving as an advisor to Redd Scientific, a forward-thinking ed tech startup that creates anatomically accurate 3D animations, interactive digital media, and educational video games to teach anatomy… Continue reading

Pgh Entertainment Technology Project

I was a key partner in the Pittsburgh Entertainment Technology Project, a joint initiative between Idea Foundry, the Pittsburgh Film Office, Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, and the Pittsburgh Technology Council. The… Continue reading

Buzby Networks

I facilitated a product pilot between Buzby Networks and Serenity Pines Personal Care Home. Erik Davidson, President of Buzby Networks, had this to say about Idea Foundry’s assistance to his company: “Idea Foundry… Continue reading

Simultaneous Settlers

Settlers of Catan is a great game, but it takes too dang long.  Too much waiting for rolls, resources, and other players to finish their turns.  So I fixed it:  enter Simultaneous Settlers.… Continue reading

Tepper Capstone

As my capstone project at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, I had the privilege of advising the Butler County Economic Development Corporation in regards to its planned Buffalo Township… Continue reading

Carnegie Mellon University

Yep, I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with my MBA from the Tepper School of Business.  Among my highlights was the opportunity to take some classes at the world-renowned Entertainment Technology Center. is an online social network for tween girls and was ranked by Disney’s Family Fun Magazine as one of the top web destinations for kids.  I helped develop their B2B customer… Continue reading

Critter Combat

My second Unity game, Critter Combat is a competitive multiplayer game.  Its simple controls bring the player-vs-player action of professional games to casual audiences.  Critter Combat provides hours of fun for players young… Continue reading

Asteroid Blast

My first game developed in Unity3d:  Asteroid Blast — a 3D recreation of the classic arcade game Asteroids.  Physics, phasers, fun! Asteroid Blast features an interesting implementation of three dimensional wrap-around, centered about… Continue reading


A swing, a projector, and a little imagination are all you need to bring a little bit of Disney World to your basement. Inspired by Soarin’ at Disney California Adventure, I created Flyin’… Continue reading

A Birthday to Die For

Over the hill, or six feet under? A Tycoon’s celebration goes unforgettably awry.  A Birthday to Die For is a premier group party package offered through my first entrepreneurial venture—Prestige Murder Mysteries. Tom… Continue reading

National Snake Day

Slithering suspicions abound in this hectic homocide.  National Snake Day is a premier group party package offered through my first entrepreneurial venture—Prestige Murder Mysteries. Join snake-milk tycoon Phillip Ophis and his wife Millicent… Continue reading